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First 3rd party GUI App for iPhone, More Apps Coming Soon

A new page on the iPhone Dev Wiki has basic source code for creating a native GUI application for the iPhone. It’s just a proof of concept, but it is huge news, and comes less than a week after people were able to run the first 3rd party app on an iPhone.

“Here’s the source to a UIKit Hello World. The iphone-binutils project has a set of header files for the UIKit in the include/ directory on the Subversion repository. If you compile this, place it in a bundle with the appropriate files, and add the appropriate entry to /System/Library/CoreServices/, it’ll show up on the main menu.” from http:// / wiki / index.php / UIKit_Hello_World

The first iPhone apps could only be accessed via a remote terminal connection. This latest news is a big step towards being able to create apps that look and act like the native apps like the notepad, calendar, maps, etc.

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Image from Netkas, he also has a compiled executable.

Update: There is now a GUI application for unlocking the iPhone.

Slick Mac iPhone Hacks for Custom Ringtones and More

Just a quick note about two new Mac tools that make it easier to modify your iPhone.

  • iFuntastic helps simplify the process of adding custom ringtones to the iPhone.
  • iActivator (.dmg download) simplifies the process of activating your iPhone, so you can use the iPod and the Internet features over WiFi without having to get on the hook for a 2 year AT&T contract.

Tether your laptop to your iPhone for EDGE Internet Access

The iPhone does an amazingly good job as a pocketable web browser and e-mail client, but sometimes you’d be happier using a laptop, even though EDGE is a bit on the slow side.  Thanks to the recent breakthroughs with iPhone apps, it’s now possible to tether your laptop to your iPhone for internet access.

Nate True provides a description of how to tether your laptop to your iPhone by installing a SOCKS proxy on your iPhone, and then create an AdHoc wireless network that you can connect to with your laptop.  Note, this may not be approved use under the term’s of AT&Ts iPhone data plan.

Python, Apache, and Other iPhone Apps

People have been hard at work putting the iPhone dev toolchain to use. In addition to SSH, they’ve compiled Apache & Python, and some other utilities. I haven’t had a chance to dig in deeper, but that combo has me wondering if people aren’t running webshell so they can have a working console on the iPhone itself. They have kindly posted binaries and install instructions for the iPhone version of SSH, python, and other tools.

I4U News – Apple iPhone appears on major Electronics Retailer in Germany

I4u News brings word that Media Markt, a german consumer electronics retailer is already featuring flashy displays for the iPhone, which it promises will be on sale by the end of the year.

All the imagery is for the US version , and there is no specific information about which German wireless carriers will be involved in the launch.


Original story on Heise Online (German).