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Mount and Access your iPhone like a Hard Drive in Windows with iphonefs

Someone with the handle “lokkju” is making rapid progress on an app that lets you mount your iPhone like a network drive in windows. This is really cool. If it works well, it should make it easier to mess with the iPhone, and should simplify the development of 3rd party iPhone modding apps on Windows since developers can just use regular filesystem calls.

iphonefs – Google Code
The iPhoneFS is a small service/app based on WinFUSE that allows you to see the iPhone as a drive in Windows explorer, or any Windows application. It works by using the AFC service on the iPhone and mapping it to CIFS server functiions, making you iphone seem like a network drive.

You’ll have to “jailbreak” your phone if you want access to the full filesystem.

Unlocked iPhone for Sale for Sale?

Interest in this site has really taken a major uptick since the unlocks were announced.  However, there is no truth to the rumors that I am seriously considering offers to buy this site.

On the other hand, serious offers will be considered.

iPhone Software Unlock Hack for Sale Soon, who announced the first software unlock for the iPhone and demonstrated it to Engadget last week just posted a FAQ that indicates they expect to be offering it for sale in the next two to three days

13. When can I get it?
We are hoping to release in the next 48-72 hours

14. How much is it?
We are currently working on various pricing structures which will be announced in due course.

15. Payment method?
We are working to offer as many different methods as possible

16. Do you offer 100% money back guarantee if the software does not work?
The unlock WILL work. We cannot offer any guarantee should Apple Inc. choose to re-lock the phone after a future update.

I am still a bit dubious about whether this is legit. Engadget testifies to it’s authenticity, which counts for something. On the other hand, the company also offered it to other members of the press, and I’ve seen no other reports so far. In addition, they say they’ve tested it in multiple countries with multiple carriers. I would have thought that at least one of those people would have surfaced by now. I guess we’ll see in a few days.

One thing is for sure, they are a lot more credible than Uniquephones/ who have made a lot of promises and delivered on none of them.

Pseudo Flash Suport on the iPhone with gnash

I’m skeptical, but this guy claims to have compiled an open source flash clone called gnash and gotten it to play Flash movies as a plugin inside Safari on the iPhone.

YouTube Preview Image

No other details, other than a few screenshots and a difficult to see video. I guess we’ll see if this is genuine, or another iPhone hoax (at this point, I’m leaning towards the latter. I checked the mailing lists for Gnash. There is no mention of this. I’d think that people would be all over it. I guess we’ll see).

Update: Evidence that the video is a hoax, but perhaps not for long.  A post on the Gnash dev list suggests that gnash/flash for the iPhone’s Mobile Safari isn’t done yet, but could be soon.

iPhone software unlock

It looks like someone figured out a software unlock for the iPhone, engadget has the story. We’ll see if Apple breaks this this the next software update since they apparently get 10% of every new AT&T iPhone contract.

I’m not sure what the pricing is going to be when it is released to the public. I’m guessing they are going to try and make their money while the making is good, because it sounds like the team dedicated to releasing a free unlock is still at work. When that happens, the money will be made by people who offer to perform the unlocking as a service to people uncomfortable doing it themselves.

In the mean time, keep an eye on:

Another company, who claimed to be testing a successful unlock shortly after the phone was released, is again claiming they’ll have an iPhone unlock for sale shortly.