Facebook Breaks Facebook For iPhone Users

Facebook has made it impossible to use their main website from the iPhone. They have a lovely iPhone version, which iPhone users are now forced to use. Unfortunately, the iPhone version doesn’t do a number of things (groups, for example), so I used to the full version of the site and it worked pretty well.

Facebook’s move is the latest of a growing trend. Users buy iPhones and delight that they are able to use most websites from their phone. Publishers start to notice iPhone users and start rerouting them to mobile versions of their sites. In many cases, the version they show iPhone users is the same lame version designed for use with the mobile browsers on cheap cell phones. In some cases, it’s an iPhone optimized version, but those versions are usually a small subset of the functionality of the main site.

I think Amazon, Google and Digg are doing the best job so far among big sites. They give you the option of choosing to use the main version of the site.

The rest of you, PLEASE STOP. I bought an iPhone because I wanted access to the whole web from my phone. Forcing me into your half-assed mobile version is a step backwards and makes me hate you. I’m sure I am not the only one who feels this way.

Update: Apparently if you enter the full URL to your regular facebook homepage, like http://myuniversity.facebook.co/home.php you can get into the full version.

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