iPhone Firmware 1.1.1 Released: Proceed with Caution

The new version of the iPhone Firmware has finally been released.

I’d wait if you are fond of 3rd party applications or your carrier unlocked iPhone and see how things develop.  So far, it’s not looking good.  Unlocked iPhones aren’t even usable on AT&T’s network after the update, and tools for installing 3rd party apps no longer work.  If the iPod Touch is any indication, it could be a while before the iPhone hackers figure out how to install 3rd party apps again.

Oh, and a warning.  The “backups” Apple makes of your iPhone every time you sync with iTunes aren’t good for much.  They don’t back up photos you’ve taken, and if there is a glitch during the restore process, iTunes just blows your old backup away without giving you a chance to try again.  Say goodbye to all your notes, your settings, and any contacts and calendar items you aren’t syncing with another program.

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