Monthly Archive for October, 2008

iPhone hacking progress.

The iPhone dev team recently posted an update on their blog.

They’ve gotten a hold of a beta of the upcoming 2.2 firmware and the good news is that it is still vulnerable to jailbreaking on current iPhone hardware, so we can count on being able to install unoffical 3rd party apps once the new version is out.

On the subject of unlocking the iPhone 3G, they council patience, pointing out that it took a while to unlock the original iPhone.

Finally, they are trying a new tack on jailbreaking the second generation iPod Touch.  I think its interesting that the Touch has prooven a tougher nut to crack.  I hope they don’t use similar techniques for the next generation iPhone.

Free WiFi for iPhones from AT&T

Hot iPhone Apps has breaking news of free WiFi access at AT&T hotspots for iPhone users.

Finally! Free WiFi for iPhones at Starbucks and Other AT&T Hotspots « Hot iPhone Apps
After multiple false alarms this spring, AT&T has finally started offering iPhone users free WiFi access at its hotspots. It looks like it is for real this time, since they are announcing it via text message, and I just received one.

This has been expected a log time, ever since AT&T let the feature slip out a few times this spring, only to disable it shortly after.

It depends on entering your 10 digit phone number, and clicking a validation link on a text message AT&T sends, so I assume this isn’t going to be very useful if you have an unlocked iPhone on another network.

QuickPwn iPhone 2.1 from Windows

Hot on the heels of the the iPhone dev team’s updates to PwnageTool and QuickPwn for Mac OS X, they’ve released a new Windows version of QuickPwn. Quickpwn makes it easy to Jailbreak your iPhone to allow installation of 3rd party apps. It also jailbreak the first generation iPod touch

While it can jailbreak both the original iPhone and the iPhone 3G, it can, at this point, only unlock the original iPhone for use with unofficial carriers.

For the Truly Geeky: Video Demonstrating Baseband Access on iPhone 3G

The iPhone dev team struts a little today with a new post on their blog with a video demonstrating video demonstrating access to the baseband chip. Important progress towards a soft unlock for the 3G iPhone. | 3G Update

A recent update from the iPhone dev team on their blog details important progress towards a soft unlocking of the iPhone 3G. They have a modified version of the baseband firmware running successfully. The baseband firmware is the software that controls the core phone functions of the phone, so this is an important step, if only because it provides them with more opportunites to explore for weaknesses.

Let’s all wish them luck!