2.2 iPhone Firmware Released, Proceed with Caution

Apple released a new version of the iPhone firmware tonight that brings with it a lot of fixes and enhancements, but if you are hoping to unlock your 3G iPhone, heed the warning of the iPhone Dev Team to wait until the iPhone 2.2 update is better understood before installing it. They haven’t released an unlock for the 3G phone, but they think they are getting close.

In the meantime, you can read more about the update:

Apple Releases iPhone 2.2 Firmware « Hot iPhone Apps
the v2.2 firmware brings a lot of new features, including Google Street View to the Map app. The map app gets other improvements, including transit information, reverse geocoding, email location sharing.

There are also other enhancements, like the ability to download podcasts over WiFi and the cellular connections without having to sync from iTunes. Apple also lists a dozen security fixes.

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