What’s In Store for iPhone OS 3.0

Apple’s iPhone press event is just a few hours away.  ArsTechnica has posted their best guess as to what’s in store for iPhone take 3:

There are some obvious features that seem a like a no-brainer: support for tethering, which AT&T has already said is coming; full Bluetooth support, including stereo headsets, external keyboards, and file transfer; compatibility with Apple’s new advanced inline controls on new headphones, push notifications; the previously rumored copy and paste; and MMS support. Any or all of these would be good candidates for feature additions, most of which have been clamored for since the iPhone was launched almost two years ago.

It’s a beautiful dream, but I have my doubts on a lot of them.  My top hopes:

  • Better bluetooth support
  • Ability to pull photos off of digital cameras over USB, a la the iPod photo.
  • Push notifications
  • Background tasks
  • A Pretty Pony

How about you?  What are you betting on?  What are you hoping for?

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