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iPhone OS 3.0 and iPhone 3GS Jailbreak and Unlock News

Yesterday Apple released the the iPhone 3.0 firmware to the public, and tomorrow people will be getting their hands on the new iPhone 3GS, so of course, its time for a short update on where things are with Jailbreaks and unlocks.

First off, any jailbreak or unlock for the 3GS is probably some time off since the dev team hasn’t really gotten a crack at the new hardware, once they do, they plan on keeping things quiet so as not to tip off Apple.

As to those of you with an earlier iPhone, good new about what is coming.  First off, they are in the process of testing an carrier unlock for the iPhone 3G with 3.0 firmware.  I’m not sure what all it is going to take, so if you already have an unlocked phone and this is important to you, I’d hold off on the iPhone 3.0 upgrade until more details emerge about the unlock.

For the rest of us, jailbreaks are coming real soon now, maybe even by the time you read this!

For more info, as always, check the source, the Dev-Team’s Blog.

Jailbreaking and Unlocking the new iPhone and v 3.0 firmware

Monday, June 8th marks the beginning of Apple’s annual World Wide Developer Conference.  Many are expecting Apple will use the occasion to announce the release of the next major version of the iPhone firmware, v 3.0., and perhaps going even further and announcing new iPhone hardware.  Other’s don’t expect either until later in the month.  Either way, some big changes are coming soon.

It’s tempting to get wrapped up in the excitement and install the software upgrades, but be aware, doing so is going to create problems with any jailbreak or unlock you may have performed.  Don’t do it!  Wait until the iPhone dev team has released a well tested jailbreak and unlock.  Don’t be fooled by all the sites out there that are distributing poorly tested beta versions of the jailbreak.  At best, you’ll not be able to unlock your iPhone for a while.  Worse, you’ll never be able to unlock your iPhone again, and you may end up with a nasty virus on your PC .

If you want to be on the safe side, make sure you check out the iPhone Dev Team’s own blog.  I’ll also be posting updates here as I find them.

No Unlock for iPhone 3.0 Upgrade, Yet

Just a reminder for those looking to upgrade to the new iPhone 3.0 firmware update that many people are expecting to be released tomorrow, Monday, the 8th, at the Apple World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC):  There is no known unlock, yet.  If the unlock is important to you, wait to upgrade until the iPhone Dev Team releases a tested unlock.

iPhone 3.0 Beta Unlocked

Someone has released a jailbreak for one of the betas of the iPhone 3.0 firmware.  The iPhone dev team, who are responsible for the 3G unlock released a few months ago, hurried to get a post up explaining why they weren’t the ones to release  this latest exploit.  

They offer proof that they had a jailbreak a few weeks ago, but they kept it to themselves because they’d rather work towards a carrier unlock of 3.0, than try to keep up with a stream of beta releases from Apple.

Before you decide you want to be all cutting edge, a few things to keep in mind before trying to install one of the 3.0 betas, much less jailbreak it.

  • The new firmware doesn’t work with the baseband 02.28 firmware unlocked by yellowsn0w.
  • Apple is just going to release a new version.
  • You may render it impossible to ever unlock your iPhone 3G
  • You may not be able to roll back to the released firmware
  • Its a knock off of the hard work of the iPhone dev team.

If you still want to go ahead and do it, you can find it here.

iPhone 3.0 Awesomeness

I was a little disappointed there wasn’t new iPhone hardware announced today.  I’m sure that more flash memory is coming this summer, but I was hoping for, at the very least, more RAM for running apps, fantasizing that it would make for fewer hangs up and performance issues.  A better camera would be nice too.

On the other hand, what they have announced sounds awesome:

  • Cut and paste in all apps.  The phone is useful without it, but it would be even better with it.
  • P2P bluetooth support for iPhone/iPhone communication, and Bluetooth stereo audio on 3G iPhones.  Bluetooth support to be enabled in the 2nd gen iPod touch too.  It looks like support for specialized bluetooth peripherals, like Bluetooth glucose monitors, is also included.  No announcements regarding bluetooth mouse or keyboard.
  • Support for peripherals via the dock connector.  I’m hoping for something that allows transfer of photos photos from a digital camera.  It would be great to be able to upload high-quality photos directly from an iPhone.
  • Push is coming, finally.  I’d still like to see some limited support for background processing for, if nothing else, audio playback and VoIP.
  • Live streaming audio & video over HTTP in the media player app
  • Richer APIs for location, including embedded maps & reverse geocoding.
  • Multiple photos per e-mail message
  • Landscape keyboard in all applications.
  • Search across applications
  • Better calendar sync support
  • Built in Voice Notes
  • MMS support.  They say that hardware issues limit this to the 3G iPhone.  Sounds bogus to me.