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Seas0nPass Jailbreak for AppleTV Looses the Tether

Second generation AppleTV owners, this is your day.  As you may know, the latest AppleTVs run iOS, just like the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, what you may not know is that like those devices, the AppleTV can be jailbroken to allow installation of unofficial software.

Today, FireCore announced that Seas0nPass, their packaging of the Chronic Dev Team’s iOS jailbreaking tool for AppleTV has been updated to all unteathered jailbreaking.  This is a big deal, because before, you had to make sure the power wasn’t cut to your AppleTV, lest you have to jailbreak it again.  Once you’ve jailbroken it, you can spend $19.95 to install aTV Flash (black), which enhances the functionality of the device.