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Jailbreak iPhone 3.0.1 Firmware

For those who missed it, you can jailbreak iPhones running the 3.0.1 firmware using RedSn0w.

“You can re-use redsn0w v0.8 we released a few weeks ago to jailbreak today’s 3.0.1 update.  Just let iTunes update or restore you to official 3.0.1 then run redsn0w.  The only “trick” is that when redsn0w asks you to identify the IPSW used, point it at the 3.0 IPSW instead of the 3.0.1 one.   After the jailbreak, reinstall ultrasn0w 0.9 if you need the unlock.”

Get RedSn0W here.

iPhone Unlockers & Jailbreakers: Avoid iTunes 8.2 Update

Last week Apple pushed out an update to iTunes.  The update brings it up to version 8.2.  If you are an unlocker or a jailbreaker you probably want to avoid this update until the dev team figures out the hitches.  

It’s already clear that it breaks the unlocking and jailbreaking apps like QuickPwn and PwnageTool.  The “iPhone Dev Team” behind most of the jailbreaking and unlocking work doesn’t think this was a deliberate move on Apple’s part, so they expect to be able to address the issue and get things working again soon.  You can read more on their blog.

What’s In Store for iPhone OS 3.0

Apple’s iPhone press event is just a few hours away.  ArsTechnica has posted their best guess as to what’s in store for iPhone take 3:

There are some obvious features that seem a like a no-brainer: support for tethering, which AT&T has already said is coming; full Bluetooth support, including stereo headsets, external keyboards, and file transfer; compatibility with Apple’s new advanced inline controls on new headphones, push notifications; the previously rumored copy and paste; and MMS support. Any or all of these would be good candidates for feature additions, most of which have been clamored for since the iPhone was launched almost two years ago.

It’s a beautiful dream, but I have my doubts on a lot of them.  My top hopes:

  • Better bluetooth support
  • Ability to pull photos off of digital cameras over USB, a la the iPod photo.
  • Push notifications
  • Background tasks
  • A Pretty Pony

How about you?  What are you betting on?  What are you hoping for?

Almost Here, an Easy iPod Touch 2G Jailbreak

Good news!  I finally do a post about progress on an 2nd gen iPod Touch jailbreak, and the Dev Team anounces another big step forward.

The iPod Touch 2G is now another member of the “pwned for life” family. It has a fatal flaw in its bootrom that means you will always be able to pwn these devices no matter what firmware updates come along. This is the full, untethered jailbreak, something that iPod Touch 2G users have not had before today.

It’ll be a little bit before this is packaged for easy installation

via Dev-Team Blog – iPod Touch 2G: Hi, welcome to the jailbreak family.

Scammer Alert: Watch Out For Fake yellowsn0w!

Yellowsn0w, the iPhone 3G unlock, hasn’t been released yet, but the scammers are out in force.  The dev team warns about at least one scammer on Twitter.

Update 1: The scamming douchebag is at it again. We DO NOT have a twitter account called ‘yellownsn0w’, and similarly no .net domain name related to yellowsn0w, don’t add this to your bookmarks. We would like you guys (currently 29 of you) to stop following him on twitter, and to also block him if he is following you. We need to see that 29 number decrease! do it people! He is a spammer! :-(

The real release is coming soon.  When its out, the DevTeam blog is the best place to find out about it.