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Simplified Mac Jailbreak for iPhone 1.1.1. with iFuntastic

It’s been about a week since the first methods for “jailbreaking” the iPod Touch and iPhones running the 1.1.1 firmware to allow the installation of third party apps. Now Mac users have an easy way to jailbreak their iPhones with the latest release of iFuntastic. Enjoy your 3rd party apps!

Get You Unlocked iPhone Ready for Upgrade with RevirginizingTool

Apple froze the code for the 1.1.1 upgrade just before the first unlocks were released.  That, combined with some problems in the coding of some of the unlocks resulted in a lot of unlocked iPhones breaking.  Now there is a RevirginizingTool that will let you fix up your unlocked 1.0.2 iphone prior to upgrading.

This is an advance of some of the earlier methods, but there is probably still some room for improvement.

Unlock iPhone 1.1.1 With New Version of Free AnySim

At long last, there is a free unlock for the 1.1.1 iPhone firmware. This only works with phones that haven’t previously been unlocked, though they are working on a fix for phones that were unlocked when running 1.0.2 firmware.

The process for installing software on 1.1.1 phones isn’t as polished as we are used to with earlier versions of the firmware, so right now this is for the more determined user.

Update: Tools for simplified jailbreaking of 1.1.1 iPhones to allow easy installation of 3rd party apps like AnySIM have been released for Windows and Macintosh.

iPhone and iPod Touch Jailbreak Beta

It looks like there is another schizm forming in the iPhone hacking community. Fortunately for the rest off us progress is still being made. Hacker “Niacin” has announced that they’ve come up with a easy to use jailbreak of the iPod Touch and the iPhone v1.1.1
that can be used to run 3rd party apps. They are currently doing a limited beta in preparation for a full release soon.

It’s worth noting that this hack depends on a security vulnerability that Apple is sure to fix soon, but perhaps it will provide hints about how to implement a more durable hack once people have full access to the running iPhone OS.

Major iPhone 1.1.1 Hacking Progress, Sweet!

TUAW carries news of a preliminary iPhone 1.1.1 Jailbreak from the “iPhone Dev Team.”

Its going to take more hard work before it is easy to install apps as it is for earlier iPhone firmware versions.

  • Some third party apps work, but it looks like changes to the UI frameworks will require recompilation.
  • Apple appears to have hardwired which apps will show up in Springboard, the iPhone app launcher.
  • There are hints of features involving radio and Nike hardware are coming.
  • iPhone 1.1.1 apps like the music store don’t run very well or at all when copied to a 1.0.2. phone.

This is good news!