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iPhone 2.2, Jailbreak with Caution

Apple released a big update to the iPhone firmware last week.  It included security fixes and enhancements to the maps, and other applications.  It also included an update to the baseband firmware for the 3G iPhone which controls the core phone functions of the iPhone.

The iPhone dev team was quick to release a jailbreak for the 2.2 firmware to allow people to run unofficial 3rd party iPhone apps.  The jailbreak is also key to carrier unlocking the original iPhone, and is also an important prerequisite to an eventual unlock for the newer 3G iPhone.

They’ve made new versions of Pwnage, and the simpler to use QuickPwn.  Before you rush to update to 2.2, it’s important to read the dev teams cautions.  In particular, they warn that you must not to install the update via iTunes if  if you hope to take advantage of an any upcoming soft unlock for the 3G iPhone.  This is because this updates the baseband firmware on the iPhone, and all the unlock work the team has done has been on the earlier version of the baseband.

For more details about what you need to know, including sources of the official downloads of QuickPwn & Pwnage, continue reading on the iPhone dev teams site.

iPhone hacking progress.

The iPhone dev team recently posted an update on their blog.

They’ve gotten a hold of a beta of the upcoming 2.2 firmware and the good news is that it is still vulnerable to jailbreaking on current iPhone hardware, so we can count on being able to install unoffical 3rd party apps once the new version is out.

On the subject of unlocking the iPhone 3G, they council patience, pointing out that it took a while to unlock the original iPhone.

Finally, they are trying a new tack on jailbreaking the second generation iPod Touch.  I think its interesting that the Touch has prooven a tougher nut to crack.  I hope they don’t use similar techniques for the next generation iPhone.