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iPhone Unstocked in Texas, Washington, NYC and Almost Everywhere Else

I just checked Apple’s iPhone finder, which they update with new info after the stores close every night. The iPhone is still out of stock at most locations. I only two locations in California was showing stock (the Palo Alto store being one of them of course), no locations in Washington state. Nowhere at all in the great state of Texas, or the Big Apple. You are in luck if you are in West Des Moines, Iowa.

Checked over on Ebay. Prices are lower than they were the night of the release, I don’t know how they are compared to Sunday though, when it seemed like their might be enough stock.

iPhone Inventory and eBay Speculation

eBay iPhone listings on Saturday 6-30-07 I thought prices on eBay would have crashed by now, but there are still plenty that look like they’ll sell for $750 on up even though (as of posting this), every Apple store in the country still has stock.

Given the estimated 50% margins apple is getting on these things, their revenue picture would be better and their profit picture wouldn’t be much worse if they built more iPhones they needed, rather than coming up short.

iPhone Seattle Apple Store

Earlier today, Glenn Fleishman took photos of the crowds outside the Seattle Apple Store.

It looks like there were at least a hundred people or more lined up (the line eventually snaked stretched to 25th av):


And there were people anxiously awaiting the opening:


By the time I drove by at 8:30pm, the line was gone.  A few people were milling about in front, and the Apple employees were lined up inside the door waiting for customers, so I’m guessing there were still phones in stock.