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Free WiFi for iPhones from AT&T

Hot iPhone Apps has breaking news of free WiFi access at AT&T hotspots for iPhone users.

Finally! Free WiFi for iPhones at Starbucks and Other AT&T Hotspots « Hot iPhone Apps
After multiple false alarms this spring, AT&T has finally started offering iPhone users free WiFi access at its hotspots. It looks like it is for real this time, since they are announcing it via text message, and I just received one.

This has been expected a log time, ever since AT&T let the feature slip out a few times this spring, only to disable it shortly after.

It depends on entering your 10 digit phone number, and clicking a validation link on a text message AT&T sends, so I assume this isn’t going to be very useful if you have an unlocked iPhone on another network.

What’s Next with the iPhone with Apple & AT&T? at GeekFun

I posted some thoughts and analysis about what the apple announcements yesterday suggest may be coming on the iPhone front over the next few months on my personal blog.

What’s Next with the iPhone with Apple & AT&T? at GeekFun
By dropping the iPhone $200 and phasing out the 4GB model, Apple has clearly made room for at least one more product in the iPhone product line.

  • A 16GB iPhone .
  • A less likely possibility is that they will debut an iPhone capable of 3G speeds at the top of the line.
  • AT&T could start offering the iPhone at a subsidized price.
  • Apps for sale for the iPod touch and iPhone. T
  • Bluetooth DUN support in the iPod Touch.
  • Apps with Rendevouz support.

I expect pretty much everything, except the 3G iPhone and the Bluetooth networking, would happen in plenty of time for the Christmas buying season. I’d guess they’ll be metered out over the next two months or so to keep the iPhone and Apple in the news.

Read the whole article for the background and analysis.

ATT Reportedly Activates over 1 Million iPhones

Leaked information from AT&T seems to indicate that there have been over 1M iPhones sold and activated.

ATT Activates over 1 Million iPhones at Waiting for iPhone
According to reports leaked to waitingforiphone.com, ATT Mobility has fulfilled over 1 million iPhone activations since the device was launched in the US on June 29th. This news comes from a full-time staffer in ATT Mobilty’s Commerce Group who chose to remain anonymous. Wall Street analysists have placed initial iPhone sales between 500,000 – 750,000 units. First week sales of over 1 million would cement the iPhone as Apple’s fastest selling new product, and one of the hottest new technology gadgets in history.

Apple is apparently seeking a revenue share from its European carrier partners, and many suspect that they extracted a similar concession from AT&T.  If so, this means that Apple has locked in a significant amount of services revenue as well.

iPhone Sales Estimated at Half a Million, Margins at >50%

Apple may have clocked sales of 500,000 iPhones in its opening weekend, bringing in over a quarter billion dollars in revenue.  The estimate comes from Piper Jaffray Analyst Gene Munster.  Paul Thurot summarizes other estimates ranging from 200,000 to 700,000 iPhones sold.

In related news, Engadget summarizes a Business Week story estimating Apple’s profit at $300-379 per unit.  This is based on a new tear down analysis from Portelligent and actually suggests even higher margins than the estimate created by iSupply before the iPhone shipped.  This means that apple’s gross profit on those 500,000 iPhones was between $150M & $185M (R&D, and marketing costs in particular, are going to take a bite out of that).

Putting this into a bit more perspective, Carl Howe on the Blackfriar’s Marketing blog notes that:

As we’ve noted previously, iPhone first weekend sales now represent the largest consumer electronics product launch in history as measured by dollar value.”

Other coverage:

iPhone: locked up tight, not that it matters right now

Update 8/21: The iphone has been fully unlocked, but there is still some work to do before it becomes practical

Original Post:

The iPhone is currently locked up tight, which means that people are stuck with using it on AT&T’s network. However, even if someone clever found a way to unlock them, you still wouldn’t be able to get the full iPhone experience. I wrote about this in my very first entry, but it’s aged off the front page, so I guess it’s time for an update with a few more details.

  • First off, it’s only a GSM/EDGE phone. In the US, I’m pretty sure that means that tMobile is your only possible option (other than some regional GSM providers). No chance to use Verizon or Sprint.
  • Second, because it’s a US phone, you won’t have much luck with it in Europe. even though GSM is prevelant there because they use different transmission frequencies. Also, Europe pretty much skipped over EDGE for real 3G datarates. (Update: the iPhone is quad-band, so frequencies shouldn’t be an issue).
  • Third, some of the phone features, the Visual Voicemail and Push IMAP in particular, are dependent on new, non-standard, cellular infrastructure. Also, some people have suggested that unlocked phones, in the US, at least, are denied access to a carriers mobile data infrastructure, which would pretty much make the iPhone suck, unless you had a usable WiFi signal.

That does still leave you with the internet features, but only in theory, because, once again, the iPhone isn’t unlocked, and probably won’t be anytime soon, though some people are holding out hope.

This blog is optimistically dedicated to the time when the iPhone is fully unlocked so it can be used in full featured form with a range of carriers, and so 3rd party developers can create installable apps.

Note: Some people are selling “unlocked iphones,” but all they really mean is that it doesn’t have a service plan yet. Big deal, since you only have one choice for service right now (and probably for the next 6 months, at least), and that is AT&T.

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