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UK, Deutsche and Francais iPhone Carriers Announced Next Tuesday?

Apple is calling a press conference in London next Tuesday, which has some speculating that they are going to announce their European iPhone partners.

Apple calls on UK press as iPhone talk swirls – Yahoo News
Apple, whose slick, touch-screen device combines its popular iPod music player, a video player and Web browser, is expected to hand a UK sale deal to Spanish Telefonicas O2 UK unit, a German deal to Deutsche Telekoms T-Mobile and a French deal to France Telecoms Orange.

Apple declined to divulge details about the planned news conference in London, and an Apple spokesman in Germany said only that the company would announce which telecoms operators had clinched the sales deal by the end of September.

A 3G European iPhone, and What it Might Mean for the US

I’ve written a story for iPhone Unlocked about what Apple’s choice of European carrier will mean for iPhone users in the US. The bottom line:

  • European iPhones are due within 6 months
  • European iPhone will almost certainly be 3G
  • European iPhone will not be tied to carriers due to laws about offering unlocking for a reasonable fee

Read the full article for more analysis.
On a related note, Crave UK considers which UK carrier has the best shot at the iPhone.

Vodafone wants the iPhone Action in Europe

Monday has come and nearly gone, and not unexpectedly, there was no big european iPhone announcement.

On the other hand Ars Technica is reporting that Vodafone, which has the most complete european 3G network, was dazzled by the US iPhone launch and is pushing to get a piece of the action in europe.

No word on 3G yet, but sources tell Ars Technica that after these sales figures, Vodafone is “pushing hard” for the deal. Interestingly, Vodafone (headquartered in the UK) owns 50 percent of Verizon, which apparently passed on the iPhone. But serious negotiations are ongoing, and a deal could be announced within the month.