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Free iPhone 3G Unlock with Yellowsn0w!

As promised, on new years eve, the iPhone dev team released a beta version of Yellowsn0w, their software unlocking tool for the iPhone 3G.  Even more awesome, they released it for free!

To use the unlock, you’ll need a “jailbroken” 3G iPhone running the latest 2.2 firmware from Apple.  You can use iTunes to make sure you’ve got the updated firmware, then you can use QuickPwn to activate and jailbreak it.  From there, you can use the Cydia installer that QuickPwn installs when you do the jailbreak to get the unlock.

This is free software, and the team has put real effort into making it easy to use, so don’t think you’ll gain anything by giving your hard-earned cash to some scammer who is just ripping off the team’s work.  All you need to do it yourself is an iPhone 3G, an internet connection to download QuickPwn, and a little time.  For details, check out the 3G unlocking tutorial at iClarified.

Free WiFi for iPhones from AT&T

Hot iPhone Apps has breaking news of free WiFi access at AT&T hotspots for iPhone users.

Finally! Free WiFi for iPhones at Starbucks and Other AT&T Hotspots « Hot iPhone Apps
After multiple false alarms this spring, AT&T has finally started offering iPhone users free WiFi access at its hotspots. It looks like it is for real this time, since they are announcing it via text message, and I just received one.

This has been expected a log time, ever since AT&T let the feature slip out a few times this spring, only to disable it shortly after.

It depends on entering your 10 digit phone number, and clicking a validation link on a text message AT&T sends, so I assume this isn’t going to be very useful if you have an unlocked iPhone on another network.

iUnlock: Free iPhone Software Unlock Available

Update: There is now a GUI application for unlocking the iPhone that simplifies things greatly.


Congratulations to all the current and former members of the iPhone Dev team. They’ve just released a free software unlock for the iPhone that will allow it to be used on any GSM carrier without requiring hardware modification. The release comes just a little over a day after IphoneSIMFree finally released their commercial software unlock.

The commercial software looks like it may be easier to use, but I’m sure the open source iPhone hacking community will continue to polish the initial release they way they have with iPhoneInterface, Jailbreak, and installers for 3rd party apps. I’m glad they got their hack out so soon after the commercial version, because the commercial version almost certainly took advantage of their work on decrypting the restore image, gaining access to the phone, creating a toolchain for 3rd party apps, and also the hacked firmware for the cellular radio that GeoHot first released with his hardware unlock.

A tutorial on how to use the unlock software is supposed to be forthcoming. In the meantime you can find download sites after the jump:

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