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I4U News – Apple iPhone appears on major Electronics Retailer in Germany

I4u News brings word that Media Markt, a german consumer electronics retailer is already featuring flashy displays for the iPhone, which it promises will be on sale by the end of the year.

All the imagery is for the US version , and there is no specific information about which German wireless carriers will be involved in the launch.


Original story on Heise Online (German).

iPhone on T-mobile’s Website, for a moment.

T-Mobile still hasn’t officially confirmed reports that it will be carrying the iPhone in Germany, but it looks like a little mistake revealed a reference to the iPhone on their website (story in German).

T Mobile iPhone

A 3G European iPhone, and What it Might Mean for the US

I’ve written a story for iPhone Unlocked about what Apple’s choice of European carrier will mean for iPhone users in the US. The bottom line:

  • European iPhones are due within 6 months
  • European iPhone will almost certainly be 3G
  • European iPhone will not be tied to carriers due to laws about offering unlocking for a reasonable fee

Read the full article for more analysis.
On a related note, Crave UK considers which UK carrier has the best shot at the iPhone.

T-Mobile German iPhone Update

Following up on our earlier post that T-mobile has secured the iPhone franchise in Germany, the story is now being picked up by a number of news outlets.

Fox News picks up the original story and adds that France Telecom’s Orange is expected to get the French iPone franchise.

The International Herald tribune adds that if T-mobile lands the deal, it probably means that Vodafone is out of the running in other countries as well.

Deutsche Welle notes that T-mobile also has a strong position in Eastern Europe which might put them in the front running in that area as well.

Press reports iPhone deal with T-Mobile in Germany

Articles in the european press suggest the deals with Deutsche Telecom’s T-mobile for German coverage, and there are rumors Vodafone in the UK will be announced soon, with the phones debuting in the late fall or early winter.

The Rheinische Post said T-mobile will be offering the handset in Germany on November 1st for about €450 ($613/£304). Reuters also has the story

The rumors about an iPhone announcement with Vodafone still continue to churn. Though it just seems to be a rehash of the old rumor that the european iPhone would be announced last Monday.

Random Inactivity points out some holes in the story, noting that Guy Keyney, the source of the original rumor now says that the deal with Vodafone was held up by unhappiness with the contract terms. If that wasn’t believable enough, he comes up with some other reasons, saying that Vodafone is waiting for their to be 1M iPhone activations (that’s activations, not sales), before making their announcement. They ask:

1. Why would Vodafone wait for 1 million activations before announcing?

2. Why when every iPhone announcement so far has been made by Apple, would it allow Vodafone to announce a European launch?

Personally, I think that Guy Kewney is making things up and inventing very specific details to seem credible. It reminds me of the religious crazies who keep predicting the end of the world, and always have a reason when it doesn’t happen.

In any case, it seems likely that these phones will be 3G, since neither carrier has extensive EDGE networks in Europe.  This means that either Apple will have solved the problem with 3G chip power consumption, or Apple and the carriers have decided the decreaced battery life is acceptable.  Either way, it suggests that their might be 3G capable iPhones available in the US by winter.

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