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iPhone Unlockers & Jailbreakers: Avoid iTunes 8.2 Update

Last week Apple pushed out an update to iTunes.  The update brings it up to version 8.2.  If you are an unlocker or a jailbreaker you probably want to avoid this update until the dev team figures out the hitches.  

It’s already clear that it breaks the unlocking and jailbreaking apps like QuickPwn and PwnageTool.  The “iPhone Dev Team” behind most of the jailbreaking and unlocking work doesn’t think this was a deliberate move on Apple’s part, so they expect to be able to address the issue and get things working again soon.  You can read more on their blog.

iPhone Activation Error = Temporary Brick

It looks like Apple didn’t plan the rollout of the iPhone 2.0 software quite as well as they could.  People are getting errors from iTunes part way through the upgrade, leaving them with an un-activated iPhone that can only make emergency calls.

The error reads:

We could not complete your iTunes Store Request. An unknown error occurred (-9838).  There was an error in the iTunes store, please try again later.
Oy! I used to have a phone. Now I have a brick.

If it were my phone (and I’m so glad it is not), I would disconnect the phone, wait a bit, and then reconnect and see what happens when it tries to activate again.  I’d keep doing that every 5-15 minutes until it succeeds.