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Simplified Mac Jailbreak for iPhone 1.1.1. with iFuntastic

It’s been about a week since the first methods for “jailbreaking” the iPod Touch and iPhones running the 1.1.1 firmware to allow the installation of third party apps. Now Mac users have an easy way to jailbreak their iPhones with the latest release of iFuntastic. Enjoy your 3rd party apps!

Slick Mac iPhone Hacks for Custom Ringtones and More

Just a quick note about two new Mac tools that make it easier to modify your iPhone.

  • iFuntastic helps simplify the process of adding custom ringtones to the iPhone.
  • iActivator (.dmg download) simplifies the process of activating your iPhone, so you can use the iPod and the Internet features over WiFi without having to get on the hook for a 2 year AT&T contract.

Custom iPhone Ringtones for Mac OS X

There is a nice writeup of how to add custom ringtones to the iPhone. MacOS X users only, for now, unfortunately (Update: Now available for windows).

Custom iPhone Ringtones
Custom ringtones are one of the biggest requests by people that want to modify their iPhone to make it unique. This page will teach you how to add your own files to the iPhone to use as a ringtone. The only thing preventing Windows users from doing this is the lack of someone to write the interface program.

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