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iPhone Hacking News Update (7/5/07)

According to the latest update at the iPhone Dev wiki, work on hacking the iPhone continues apace. Forward progress yesterday was slow, but they did manage to rule out a number of dead ends. Their current focus is getting the iPhone to load a modified disk image, which will allow them to run their own code on the system. They are also working on some hardware level hacking to try and unlock the radio directly.

This intense focus all ready has had tangible costs for one of the hackers who report:

08:00 <@gj> and I think peaches taste nice but mine rotted because I have been working on the iPhone

Update 5:30PM ED:

<@gj> we’re in the middle of doing some pretty involved hardware work
<@gj> we’re trying to access the debug on the board
<@gj> that’s not an exclusion of the other software efforts we have going on
<@gj> we’re still working on those
<@gj> we’re getting closer
<@gj> should have more about 9:30pm, go have a nice dinner
<@gj> i’ll be back later

A Step Closer to Running 3rd Party Apps on the iPhone

I was so caught up in writing about the progress on hacking the iPhone activation process that I missed this juicy little update based on work with the cracked system image:

Custom applications: Still unknown. It was thought that the iPhone might only run signed code, but it seems that this is not the case.

It seems like there might be a hack to enable 3rd party applications rather soon. Also, this might signal that Apple’s future plans for officially supported third party apps was rather liberal, or it could just mean that they didn’t have time to create a subsystem for trusted applications since there were so many other things that had ot happen before lunch

iPhone Unlocking Progress, Thanks to “DVD Jon”

The latest news on the iPhone hacking front is that Jon Lech Johansen, who was the first person to crack DVD encryption, has released a Windows utility called the “iPhone Activation Server,” that allows you to activate your phone without iTunes, AT&T or a credit card.

The major caveat is that an iPhone activated this way isn’t really a phone. The iPod and WiFi work, but you can’t stick in a Tmobile SIM and use it on their network. At least not yet. Still, this is a huge step because it shows that people have figured out how to crack the activation handshake. It should also come in handy for those wanting to test their web applications with the iPhone without shelling out for an AT&T contract.

Further work continues on other fronts, including work at the OS level to allow arbitrary code (ie 3rd party applications) to run on the device. This may also provide a path to enable the iPhone’s use on other American and Global GSM networks. A big step in this direction came last night when someone cracked the encryption on the system restore disk image, allowing them access to the full virgin iPhone filesystem, and the chance to scan system files looking for other attack vectors.

[04:19] <Omikron> Second, the encrypted 39.dmg image was recently cracked, and the contents of the system files have been dumped.
The files are currently being explored for additional information and possible attack vectors.

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