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Django on the iPhone

Django is a web development framework written in Python.  One of it’s features is the ability to automatically build an interface for manipulating existing databases stored in Postgres, MySQL and SQLite, among others.  The iPhone can now run Python and the Apache webserver and it stores most of it’s data, like contacts, calls, etc, in SQLite databases.  So, one of the Django developers got Django running on his iPhone and used it to create a web interface for some of the iPhone databases.

Not particularly practical for endusers, but cool nonetheless.

Django | Weblog | Django roundup: August 19
A natural consequence of iPhone hacking is the installation of Django. Jacob Kaplan-Moss did just that. The iPhone uses CoreData for almost all of its storage needs and thus nearly all the information stored on the iPhone is inside SQLite databases. Pairing this information with a local install of Django and the inspectdb functionality allows anyone to create a web interface capable of viewing and editing anything on the iPhone. Jacob has yet to document his accomplishment in detail, so you’ll have to settle for Flickr. Django ‘It worked!’ screen on iPhone. Parsing the iPhone’s SQLite databases in Django.

Python, Apache, and Other iPhone Apps

People have been hard at work putting the iPhone dev toolchain to use. In addition to SSH, they’ve compiled Apache & Python, and some other utilities. I haven’t had a chance to dig in deeper, but that combo has me wondering if people aren’t running webshell so they can have a working console on the iPhone itself. They have kindly posted binaries and install instructions for the iPhone version of SSH, python, and other tools.