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Apple Casts Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt Over Unlocked iPhones

I warned you to be cautious about buying an iPhone with the intent of unlocking it for use with another carrier. Today, Apple issued their own warning as the intro to a press release about the next iPhone update, due later this week.

Apple claims that “many of the unauthorized iPhone unlocking programs available on the Internet cause irreparable damage to the iPhone’s software.”  This is of course pure and unmitigated BS, the only irreparable damage that can occur to the iPhone’s software is Apple screwing up big time and loosing the source code.  The code that the unlock tools change is code that Apple has updated before and will update again.  In fact, I’m sure they will update it in the next release and break the unlocks.

Let’s hope that Apple doesn’t punish some of the iPhone’s biggest, most dedicated fans by actually rendering their iPhone permanently useless.

If you already have an unlocked iPhone, and you want to update, I’d wait until an unlock is available that works with the new firmware, and then, before installing the new firmware, I’d also check out Erica Stadun’s article on how to relock your iPhone so as not to provoke Apple into disabling your iPhone during the update process.

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