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AnySim: Software Unlock your Apple iPhone with a GUI, the easier way

The iPhone Dev Team has released AnySim, their GUI application to unlock the iPhone. This should make the free software unlock practical for a wider audience than their original command-line solution.

If you are eager to buy a new iPhone and use this unlock hack because you are a T-mobile customer in the US and  still on contract, or because you are outside the US, I’d hold off for a little while.  It is very likely that Apple will release an iPhone update within the next few weeks when they roll out the mobile version of the iTunes store, it may even come as soon as this Tuesday, when they are expected to announce European iPhones.  That update, or any other could relock the iPhone and break existing unlock software.  What’s more, there is no telling how long it will take people to create new unlocks.  You may be in the position of either having an iPhone you can’t use at all, or an iPhone you can’t update with new features.  I’d suggest waiting a few weeks to see what happens.  Ok, you have been warned.  Have fun.


PXL Package:


You’ll need a tool like iBrickr (for Windows) or iFuntastic (for Mac) to install the app on your iPhone.

New iPhone Features in Firmware 1.1.1

Apple is teasing early adopters with hints of an update to version 1.1.1 of the iPhone firmware bearing new features. This sneak preview shows up in the screenshots that Apple provides to help people who bought their phones before last weeks price cut find their phone’s serial number so they can claim their $100 rebate.

The new features include a setting for the Home Button. This likely brings a UI feature from the iPod Touch to the iPhone. On the iPod Touch, the user can double click the home button to call up the music controls even when the device. I hope the iPhone implementation will let me get to the phone function faster on my iPhone.

The second feature hinted at is a menu for International settings. Some people suspect this will allow users to choose to enable or disable voice and data roaming when traveling abroad to avoid large phone bills like those that have recently received a lot of press coverage.

It also shows a major version update to the modem firmware, which could create big problems for people with unlocked iPhones, since they depend on a hacked modem firmware. The current version is 03.14.08_G. The new version appears to be 04.02.04_G.

Also interesting, the model is given as MA712LL. Current 8GB iPhones are just MA712.

iPhone Firmware v1.1.1 Screenshots

Interestingly, the screenshot of the home screen doesn’t show the iTunes music store icon, which could mean this is an interim release, with another to follow soon. More likely though, the screenshot of the home screen is an older version.

Thanks to the observant “Jaysun” on Howard Forums for seeing what was right in front of so many of us today.

Newsflash: There is now a GUI application for unlocking the iPhone. It remains to be seen whether the next software update will break these unlocks.


How To Unlock your iPhone for Free, the hard way

The iPhone Dev team has posted a step by step guide on how to unlock your iPhone using their free unlock software. An easier to use GUI unlocker is on the way. There have been earlier versions kicking around, but they haven’t been carefully tested. If it were me, I’d wait for the next release.

Another set of instructions

Update: There is now a GUI application for unlocking the iPhone that simplifies things greatly.

iUnlock: Free iPhone Software Unlock Available

Update: There is now a GUI application for unlocking the iPhone that simplifies things greatly.


Congratulations to all the current and former members of the iPhone Dev team. They’ve just released a free software unlock for the iPhone that will allow it to be used on any GSM carrier without requiring hardware modification. The release comes just a little over a day after IphoneSIMFree finally released their commercial software unlock.

The commercial software looks like it may be easier to use, but I’m sure the open source iPhone hacking community will continue to polish the initial release they way they have with iPhoneInterface, Jailbreak, and installers for 3rd party apps. I’m glad they got their hack out so soon after the commercial version, because the commercial version almost certainly took advantage of their work on decrypting the restore image, gaining access to the phone, creating a toolchain for 3rd party apps, and also the hacked firmware for the cellular radio that GeoHot first released with his hardware unlock.

A tutorial on how to use the unlock software is supposed to be forthcoming. In the meantime you can find download sites after the jump:

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Huge iPhone Price Cut, 16gb Model Coming Soon?

Apple cut the price of the iPhone by $200 as part of a major announcement of new iPods, a mobile version of iTMS, and a coming iPhone software update. The 8gb iphone is now $399, and the slow selling iPhone is $299 while supplies last.

This is clearly a move to broaden the market for the iPhone, but it also suggests that they are making room for a new iPhone at the $499 price point. The obvious candidate is a 16gb model at $499, especially since they are offering the new iPod Touch in that capacity. I would expect it to be announced a little after the iPhone software update is released later this month for yet another little PR boost.

I’m also guessing that the update will have more to it than support for th mobile iTMS.