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Python, Apache, and Other iPhone Apps

People have been hard at work putting the iPhone dev toolchain to use. In addition to SSH, they’ve compiled Apache & Python, and some other utilities. I haven’t had a chance to dig in deeper, but that combo has me wondering if people aren’t running webshell so they can have a working console on the iPhone itself. They have kindly posted binaries and install instructions for the iPhone version of SSH, python, and other tools.

First Real iPhone Apps, including SSH (CLI only)

Update 7/28: The latest news is that someone has created a basic but functioning GUI app for the iPhone.


It’s been 3 days since a working toolchain for the iPhone was announced, and now we are seeing the first apps released. All of them are simple compilations of command line unix utilities, but they are important none the less because basic tools that will help people exploring the potential of the iPhone. One person has compiled a standard shell and a set of basic utilities.

banner glob6 mkdir rm tty
cat goto nice rmdir uname
chmod hostname nohup sh6 wc
chown id osh sleep which
cp if pico telnetd yes
csh kill printenv test
echo ls printf tsh
fd2 mesg pwd tshd

Nightwatch has compiled a secure shell server (SSH) and provided some instructions for installing it.

SSH and/or telnetd are the key apps, because they are what people use to connect to the iPhone over the network to run the other apps, since the iPhone doesn’t have it’s own console app, yet.

Since it’s possible to run network daemons now, I wonder how long it will be before someone compiles a webserver. With a webserver, people could potentially run something like WebShell, which would let them use an AJAX console on a web page in Safari to interact with command line apps on their iPhone. Continue reading ‘First Real iPhone Apps, including SSH (CLI only)’