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Jailbreak iPhone 2.0/3G With Updated Pwnage 2.0

The awesome iPhone dev team has done it again.  They’ve released an updated version of Pwnage that “Jailbreaks” iPhones running the iPhone 2.0 software. Jailbreaking allows you to install unofficial 3rd party apps.  It works with both the original iPhone running the 2.0 OS, and the 3G iPhones.

Apps from the official iPhone Application Store on iTunes can’t have certain functions.  They can’t run in the background, they can’t do VoIP over the cellular network and they certainly can’t unlock the phone for use on other carriers.

Unless you have a good reason too, I’d hold off jailbreaking your iPhone We’re still waiting for an updated version of Install.app to make it easy to install unofficial apps again. An unlock is still in the future too.

iPhone Activation Error = Temporary Brick

It looks like Apple didn’t plan the rollout of the iPhone 2.0 software quite as well as they could.  People are getting errors from iTunes part way through the upgrade, leaving them with an un-activated iPhone that can only make emergency calls.

The error reads:

We could not complete your iTunes Store Request. An unknown error occurred (-9838).  There was an error in the iTunes store, please try again later.
Oy! I used to have a phone. Now I have a brick.

If it were my phone (and I’m so glad it is not), I would disconnect the phone, wait a bit, and then reconnect and see what happens when it tries to activate again.  I’d keep doing that every 5-15 minutes until it succeeds.

Apple to Announce Unlocked iPhones?

Anticipation of iPhone 2.0 at Apple WWDC tomorrow has a lot crazy rumors floating around.

One of the more interesting rumors is that Apple is going to allow carriers to subsidize the iPhone the same way they subsidize all sorts of other phones, in exchange for signing up for a 2 year contract. If they do, I expect iPhone sales to go crazy, but what’s even more interesting is the possibility that we’ll be able to buy an unsubsidized phone without it being locked to a carrier.

The impact on US users would be pretty minimal right now because T-mobile is the only other national carrier with an iPhone compatible GSM network. What’s more, T-mobile has done very little to upgrade their network to 3G, which supports faster download speeds and is one of the major features people expect from the next iPhone. Still, it would be nice to have a choice.

It’s a more significant issue for US users who travel internationally, since it will let them use carriers in the countries they visit directly, rather than having to go through AT&T who marks-up the same service. It’s also a big deal for people who live outside the US. One carrier already offers the iPhone unlocked, but the price is crazy, 2x the price with a contract, and something close to $1000 US, if I remember right.

We’ll have to see, because it’s very likely that the next iPhone is going to be harder to hack and unlock than the last version.

iPhone App Store Opening for Business

It’s been a while since we’ve posted, but I’m thrilled that the iPhone App Store is going to be open for business soon. They’ll be announcing details at the WWDC tomorrow. Chances are good that the store will be open for business soon after the announcement.

The App Store unlocks the iPhones potential by officially supporting 3rd party applications. There are already some big publishers lining up to release official iPhone apps, including game maker EA, but I’m most excited to see what novel applications small teams of programmers come up with.

iPhone Unlocks for Sale: iPhoneSIMfree goes retail

iPhoneSIMfree goes retail, let the unlocking begin – Engadget

iPhoneSIMfree iPhone unlocking software is finally available for purchase from four online retailers around the world. Wireless Imports in the US, iPhoneWorldwideUnlock in Australia, 1digitalphone in Germany, and iPhone4arab in Saudi Arabia (currently down) have all purchased bulk licenses from the iPhoneSIMfree team and are selling individual unlocks.

The US retailer is charging a whopping $100, pretty steep considering 1) the wholesale is $36 or less 2) there is no guarantee that this thing will last a couple of weeks before Apple releases a block.

Also, for people in the US, there is only one other GSM option, T-mobile.  How much would it cost to pay the early cancellation on a T-mobile contract.  And for people in Europe, it looks like the iPhone will be on sale there by early November.