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Update for Yellowsn0w

The iPhone dev team recently released an update to yellowsn0w, their free software unlocking application for the 3G iPhone.  It’s available through Cydia.  For details about the unlock and how to install it, see “Free iPhone 3G Unlock with Yellowsn0w!”

iPhone Firmware v1.1.2 Out, Already Jailbroken

Apple has started pushing out the v1.1.2 firmware to existing iPhone users.  The obvious changes bring better support for international users in preparation for the European release in just a few hours.  There is also an update to the radio firmware.  This may also be targeted at international users, but it might also bring fixes related to call reliability and quality to US users.  Time will tell.

This release also fixes a buffer overflow bug which clever hackers have been using to “jailbreak” the iphone so we can install 3rd party apps.  This is a good thing, since it’s only a matter of time before someone exploits the bug for malicious reasons.  On the other hand, it is also a setback in that it makes jailbreaking the new version more difficult.  However, there is some good news, a team of hackers have already figured out a way to jailbreak the iPod Touch using 1.1.2 firmware, which should work identically to the iPhone in this regard.  No details on the exact method they used are available yet, but it is only a matter of time before simple tools that make it easy for the rest of us are released.  We may never have something as simple as the web-based AppSnapp method though.

iPhone Firmware 1.1.1 Released: Proceed with Caution

The new version of the iPhone Firmware has finally been released.

I’d wait if you are fond of 3rd party applications or your carrier unlocked iPhone and see how things develop.  So far, it’s not looking good.  Unlocked iPhones aren’t even usable on AT&T’s network after the update, and tools for installing 3rd party apps no longer work.  If the iPod Touch is any indication, it could be a while before the iPhone hackers figure out how to install 3rd party apps again.

Oh, and a warning.  The “backups” Apple makes of your iPhone every time you sync with iTunes aren’t good for much.  They don’t back up photos you’ve taken, and if there is a glitch during the restore process, iTunes just blows your old backup away without giving you a chance to try again.  Say goodbye to all your notes, your settings, and any contacts and calendar items you aren’t syncing with another program.

Apple Casts Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt Over Unlocked iPhones

I warned you to be cautious about buying an iPhone with the intent of unlocking it for use with another carrier. Today, Apple issued their own warning as the intro to a press release about the next iPhone update, due later this week.

Apple claims that “many of the unauthorized iPhone unlocking programs available on the Internet cause irreparable damage to the iPhone’s software.”  This is of course pure and unmitigated BS, the only irreparable damage that can occur to the iPhone’s software is Apple screwing up big time and loosing the source code.  The code that the unlock tools change is code that Apple has updated before and will update again.  In fact, I’m sure they will update it in the next release and break the unlocks.

Let’s hope that Apple doesn’t punish some of the iPhone’s biggest, most dedicated fans by actually rendering their iPhone permanently useless.

If you already have an unlocked iPhone, and you want to update, I’d wait until an unlock is available that works with the new firmware, and then, before installing the new firmware, I’d also check out Erica Stadun’s article on how to relock your iPhone so as not to provoke Apple into disabling your iPhone during the update process.

Other Coverage:

New iPhone Features in Firmware 1.1.1

Apple is teasing early adopters with hints of an update to version 1.1.1 of the iPhone firmware bearing new features. This sneak preview shows up in the screenshots that Apple provides to help people who bought their phones before last weeks price cut find their phone’s serial number so they can claim their $100 rebate.

The new features include a setting for the Home Button. This likely brings a UI feature from the iPod Touch to the iPhone. On the iPod Touch, the user can double click the home button to call up the music controls even when the device. I hope the iPhone implementation will let me get to the phone function faster on my iPhone.

The second feature hinted at is a menu for International settings. Some people suspect this will allow users to choose to enable or disable voice and data roaming when traveling abroad to avoid large phone bills like those that have recently received a lot of press coverage.

It also shows a major version update to the modem firmware, which could create big problems for people with unlocked iPhones, since they depend on a hacked modem firmware. The current version is 03.14.08_G. The new version appears to be 04.02.04_G.

Also interesting, the model is given as MA712LL. Current 8GB iPhones are just MA712.

iPhone Firmware v1.1.1 Screenshots

Interestingly, the screenshot of the home screen doesn’t show the iTunes music store icon, which could mean this is an interim release, with another to follow soon. More likely though, the screenshot of the home screen is an older version.

Thanks to the observant “Jaysun” on Howard Forums for seeing what was right in front of so many of us today.

Newsflash: There is now a GUI application for unlocking the iPhone. It remains to be seen whether the next software update will break these unlocks.