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QuickPwn iPhone 2.1 from Windows

Hot on the heels of the the iPhone dev team’s updates to PwnageTool and QuickPwn for Mac OS X, they’ve released a new Windows version of QuickPwn. Quickpwn makes it easy to Jailbreak your iPhone to allow installation of 3rd party apps. It also jailbreak the first generation iPod touch

While it can jailbreak both the original iPhone and the iPhone 3G, it can, at this point, only unlock the original iPhone for use with unofficial carriers.

QuickPwn to Jailbreak your iPhone from Windows

“Poorlad” cranked out a windows GUI for the QuickPwn tool, which allows you to jailbreak iPhone’s running the 2.0.2 firmware so you can run 3rd party applicaitons.

The release is just an interim solution for windows users.  Sometime soon, there will be a better supported QuickPwn GUI that uses the same codebase as the mac version.

Get QuickPwn Windows GUI

Get your 1.1.1 iPhone ready for 3rd Party Apps with iDemocracy for Windows

An automated windows tool called iDemocracy for “jailbreaking” iPhones running the 1.1.1 firmware to allow the installation 3rd party apps has been released.  If you’ve unlocked your iPhone, make sure you “revirginize” it first.

This will allow you to install the latest version of the free AnySIM unlocking tool.

Mount and Access your iPhone like a Hard Drive in Windows with iphonefs

Someone with the handle “lokkju” is making rapid progress on an app that lets you mount your iPhone like a network drive in windows. This is really cool. If it works well, it should make it easier to mess with the iPhone, and should simplify the development of 3rd party iPhone modding apps on Windows since developers can just use regular filesystem calls.

iphonefs – Google Code
The iPhoneFS is a small service/app based on WinFUSE that allows you to see the iPhone as a drive in Windows explorer, or any Windows application. It works by using the AFC service on the iPhone and mapping it to CIFS server functiions, making you iphone seem like a network drive.

You’ll have to “jailbreak” your phone if you want access to the full filesystem.

Custom iPhone Ringtones on Windows

Thanks to the work of iPhone hackers, Mac users have had the ability to use custom ringtones for a few days. Now, thanks to the hard work of Nate True and Ziel, windows users can also use AAC or MP3 files as custom iPhone ringtones.

You’ll need:

It’s also helpful to read the mac instructions, which give info you need if you want to change system sounds too, and people may be creating custom skins too.


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