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Not Quite So Old News: UltraSn0w Unlocks iPhone 3G With 3.0 Firmware

If you have an unlocked iPhone 3G you can now take advantage of the new 3.0 firmware!  First, use RedSn0w (that’s a zero in there, not an ‘o’, to jailbreak your phone, then use UltraSn0w to unlock it!  For more info on UltraSn0w, go to the source.  This apparently supersedes the original YellowSn0w unlock for the 3G.

Note, this doesn’t work with the 3.1 firmware betas that are being circulated, at least not yet.

Scammer Alert: Watch Out For Fake yellowsn0w!

Yellowsn0w, the iPhone 3G unlock, hasn’t been released yet, but the scammers are out in force.  The dev team warns about at least one scammer on Twitter.

Update 1: The scamming douchebag is at it again. We DO NOT have a twitter account called ‘yellownsn0w’, and similarly no .net domain name related to yellowsn0w, don’t add this to your bookmarks. We would like you guys (currently 29 of you) to stop following him on twitter, and to also block him if he is following you. We need to see that 29 number decrease! do it people! He is a spammer! :-(

The real release is coming soon.  When its out, the DevTeam blog is the best place to find out about it.